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Lucid: The Waking World is book 1 in the upcoming young-adult fantasy novel series Lucid.  

Sixteen-year-old Avery Finnegan is tired of her imagination's inability to grow beyond the boundaries of her small home in Colorado. Relentlessly bullied at school and struggling with the recent loss of her father, she yearns for release from her grief. But some nights, she travels to a place all her own, where she calls the shots.
Strange, ethereal creatures with uncertain motives known as the lacuna lurk in Avery's dreams. They claim that she is more powerful than the rest of humankind and that they need her help. Will she make friends with the beings in her head, or will they prove to be something far beyond what even she could have ever imagined?

Beastie Academy is book 1 in the upcoming young-adult historical fantasy novel series Beastie Academy.

The plague is racing across Europe and the only safe place is in the middle of nowhere, England.  Through their impoverished parents' attempt at keeping them alive, Celia and her brother Edgar find themselves now enrolled in the mysterious Bailey Academy, a disciplinary institution where the wealthy send their spoiled children.  The academy believes in rehabilitation through animal partnership, pairing the children with a pet to take care of all on their own.

As the weeks fly by, it becomes clear that the academy has some unorthodox ways of getting their students to fall in line.  And Celia? She’s determined not to let them ruffle her feathers.

The Ancients is book 1 in the upcoming young-adult fantasy novel series Dragonfable.  

Cambria has been dreaming her whole life of doing something meaningful for her people, a secretive clan of dragonfolk known as The Ancients.  And when she finally goes through her Shifting and is able to become a dragon at will, she'll have the power to make that a reality.

The only problem is that she may have a little more power than she thought.  So before she is executed by her clan for being a threat to their queen, she's got to run.

Greeted by a world on the brink of war over accusations of stolen dragonfolk children, Cambria and her friends have to find a way to survive while going through their kind's version of puberty.

What could possibly go wrong?

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